Sunday, September 16, 2012

Falling Forward

Today I looked at my "last published" date on my blog and was shocked. Shocked! "January 25, 2012" it said. That was over seven months ago - so much has happened since January of this year that I barely remember what I was doing when I published that post. Please excuse my silence here - I just had a chance to catch my breath.

For the past 12 months my life has been a bit crazy. In the past, I never understood the phrase "My life was turned upside down" - now it has become my mantra. Life - mine at least - has been unsteady, unpredictable and batshit crazy for an entire year. From a critically ill father to a new career to school to postponing grad school to going back to my former job to remodeling my house, I feel like I have hit tons of life milestones this year save for getting married (done it!), having a baby (maybe one day) or getting divorced (no thanks!).

That's not to say that there hasn't been great things this year. In February, my group of friends grew by one adorable baby person named Samuel. We are now the proud aunts and uncles to such a great little dude - he is even crawling now! My father is making small but important steps toward recovery. My mom, sister and I have become a lot closer because of my dad's illness. My husband and I have supported and comforted each other through the hardest year we have experienced together.

When things are so consistently tough, the people in your life tend to step up or step out. I feel lucky that everyone in my life is in the former category. We've lost people this year. We've gained people this year. We've all been through the ringer and are now coming out the other side.

This fall, I think we've all earned a new dawn. It's time to move forward, to gain some ground, and to achieve some balance. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some steady, quiet time and a hot cup of tea. What will you look forward to this fall?