Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sonic and my weakness for gigantic hamburgers!

Grumble Buns from Etsy seller SteffBomb 
Last time I was on Weight Watchers my thoughts on Sonic were as follows: Damn you hamburgers. And damn your friends the Cherry Limeade and fries! You are so delicious, yet so many points! 

This time I'm trying to be a bit more pragmatic when it comes to the deliciousness that is the #1 combo at Sonic and less emotional about the food I consume.

It's ok to have a hamburger now and again, and wash it down with a Cherry Limeade, but it's not ok to do every day. Yes, it is 15 points just for the burger and 4 for the CL, but if I budget and eat a good breakfast/dinner I'll be fine.

Breaking things down into a series of decisions and moving forward rationally really helps me - it turns weight loss into a conscious choice rather than a rip tide of feelings that might maroon me on fat island. 


katielou said...

The diet cherry limeade is just as delicious, and I'm sure it's less points!! Sonic is a weakness of mine too :(

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