Monday, December 6, 2010

Weigh in Monday - 12/06/10

Well I sucked at tracking this week and gained .2 lb as a result. That's ok though, I was a little thrown off by the new PointsPlus plan and I'm back on track this week!

Next week I'm losing dammit!

Today's weight loss gain was: .2lbs
Total weight loss: 1.6
Weight left to lose: 28.4


blatze said...

Dude. Thanksgiving makes little fat kids of us all. I lost like 3 pounds before the big day and IT'S ALL BACK, BABY. Just keep on truckin! You're my inspiration to get back on it!

Sarah said...

LOL! What is up with that? It's like I don't think I'll ever eat again on Thanksgiving!

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