Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bootcamp Week 2: Electric Boogaloo

Today I started going "Grrarg" when going up the stairs at work. Each step made my thighs think twice about the next one and every time my foot would hit the wood, my abs braced themselves for impact. Welcome to week 2: bootcamp fatigue.

During week 1, your motivation to be fit in the new year is at an all-time high. You're ready for battle - the battle of the bulge (sorry - I couldn't resist) - and each session is like "Thank you ma'am! Can I have another!?!?" You're a workout machine! Or at least I was. My warrior spirit was ready to kick some circuit training ass and take names.

Then it's week 2. Your body is a little tired. You had a hamburger this weekend. You think you know the routine. Day 1 is ok - you make it though and aren't too sore the next day. Then day 2 rolls around - BAM! You're having trouble doing the easiest parts of week 1's workouts.

Normally, this would be the time that disillusion sets in. "Oh!" your mind says "This is why I stopped doing this before." And you would start to slack off.

It's a highway to the danger zone people. If you let your mind wander and start to phone it in, your motivation is going to start to suffer and before you know it, calling in sick to exercise is happening.

No dice mind. I'm not falling for your tricks anymore. And you shouldn't either. Let's push through it and keep going - we'll all thank ourselves later. Let's go out there next week and kick some butt!


blatze said...

Way to motivate! I was literally just thinking about not working out today (wine and way too much sugar, late night, general Sunday laziness)...but now I don't think I can avoid it. PUSH THROUGH....

Sarah said...

Duuuddee - too much wine last night. You are a TROOPER to work out today - and to be up before 11 a.m!

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