Monday, January 24, 2011

Sad news - I'm closing my business.

Dear friends who read this blog (all 4 of you),

I'm closing my small business - it's sad and a relief at the same time. Has that ever happened to you? Like you want to cry and take a deep breath at once? I know it's the right decision, but it's still tough - 3 of the best years of my life were spent doing this.

More info is here - I just wanted to say something personal about it for a minute. Business Sarah and Sarah Sarah overlap quite a bit, but I wouldn't tell all our students that I just hopped off my husband's lap after quite literally crying on his shoulder.

I'm excited about the future, but today is about the past - here's my favorite memories from the past 3 years:

  • Painting pizza party with Alla, Scott, Erin, Chris and Ryan at the first location
  • Meeting with Culture Pilot for the first time - and every time since!
  • Maker Faire - full of fuzzy hats and friendship
  • Getting to go to the UK for a whole month each year - just because I could!
  • Meeting Amanda, Ruthie, Renee, Alexandra, Alanna, Melissa Woods, Jill, Patty, Shawn, Abby, Gretchen, Tobiah and all the folks who came through the doors. 
  • Getting to talk fros and domo hand warmers with Melissa P on a weekly basis.
  • Getting Domo handwarmers and a crocheted Bender B Rodriguez doll from people I love (Mo and Patty respectively)
  • Having a kid call me a grumpy old lady.
  • Meeting Boden, Riley and tons of other babies that I knew before they were born, thanks to their moms coming in to the shop!
  • Making tons of new friends - people I would have never met otherwise.
That's not a definitive list - I could go on for days about what was great about Sew Crafty, but the two big things that made me close it were the stress and the cash. It was simply too stressful and too expensive to keep doing long term and I want a more balanced life. 

Thank you to everyone who made this place possible - I love you all.


PS:Have you ever had to make a decision like this? If so, how did you cope? 


Franny Z said...

I am so sad to hear this news :-( I will miss your shop terribly and will have to find new ways to hang out with you (not a bad thing!) Riley & I have always loved to come in to see what was new and visit your rockstar employees. You always threw the best parties and I've had a lot of great memories with you and other friends at Sew Crafty, including, meeting new friends!

We love you and will miss you but I hope that a new page is turning in your life bringing wonderful new things - onward we go!!

Texas Art Asylum said...

A lady whose blog I follow closed her shop (Curious Sofa) recently and is selling on line now. She said she had heard a quote that was something like, "The two greatest days in retail are the day you open and the day you close." The economy and the day to day to day of it all wore her out, and she wanted her life back too.

I feel for you, Sarah. I really do. And, as someone who is still between the day I open and the day I close ... I'm crying a little bit for all of us, I guess.

beez said...

Aw Hon!! I am so sad to hear about your closing. We are super fans from Austin and you've been such a generous, huge help and inspiration in getting our gig going here.

I know that feeling of relief and sadness all too well. I felt it when I decided to quit my 13 year career as a costume designer. But it opened up so many wonderful opportunities that were an immense improvement in my stress levels and led me to where I am now, which is a dang fine place to be.

Please keep us posted on your future adventures, as I'm sure you are being given this great opportunity to find something new that will lift and buoy you along your path.

All the Stitch Lab gals send our love and support and deep gratitude. You are AWESOME, lady.

Leslie and the Stitch Lab gals

Debi said...

Sad to hear the news! But it sounds like it is the right decision at the moment! It also sounds like it was a very fun three years! I am sure many more adventures are to come :-)

Sarah said...

Thanks guys - I am honestly humbled by the kindness of other people right now. I was so worried that there would be some sort of "You have really sucked at this - that's why you're closed!" but so far, all amazing things have been said!

Leslie/Stitch Lab peeps and Ramona - you both have amazing shops and I'm honored to have owned businesses at the same time as you. I will continue stalking the crap out of both places, but in person and online. Stitch Lab - watch out. I'm coming to town in March and I'll be on the prowl for fabrics and hugs.

Ruthie said...

I love you <3

Kerly Kerk said...

I would never have stepped foot on a sewing pedal without you and Sew Crafty. You offered a fun place for people to congregate and try something new. Even though your shop's doors have closed, the dresses and bags and scarves and needle felt monsters will live on.

Thanks for everything. Sew Crafty was my favorite part about living in Houston!

Vegan_Noodle said...

So obviously more than four people read this blog!!
I'm still so so sad about Sew Crafty closing. But I can't wait to see what you are up to next (i.e. Sew Weekly challenges.. whoa!), because I know it will be awesome.

Sarah said...

I love you guys.

Raela Drigger said...

Oh, this one's painful... =( Sometimes, people make decisions that can largely affect their lives, either in a good or bad way. It's just a matter of acceptance. Good thing you were relieved after deciding! How are you now, btw? Are you planning to do another business?

Raela Drigger

Sarah said...

Hello Raela!
I am much better now - I know this was the right decision long term and I'm happier/less stressed then the three years I had as a business owner. That said, it was an experience I wouldn't trade for the world! No new business for me, but I continue to support other small businesses!

Christina said...

It's best to think of it as the best years of your life so far. It's sad news to hear you close your business. It's a hard decision to make, indeed.

Still, like you said, the future is exciting. Who knows what could happen later on? Someday, you might start your business again. And it may be bigger and better than before.
-Chris Ricci

Winnie said...

Sorry to only now hear of your closed business, but I feel the same emotions rushing through me at this moment. My parents are owners of a Chinese take-out restaurant in Kissena Blvd., Flushing, and are finally closing the business for more than many reasons. Although this gives a sigh a relief for more than one person, this also gives a heart-wrenching feeling when thinking about it. We're closing tomorrow, since some people have to come in and take down all the equipment, and because I still have much to think about in that small restaurant I've been in for even when I was a little infant. My mom still hesitates about closing the restaurant, but she insists that we need to move on so that she can properly watch over and nurture us. However, that's the least of the problems right now. Our landlord for the restaurant filed a lawsuit against us because he insisted on making us pay about $6,500 for a year's worth of property tax, while we only needed to pay one month's worth of it. Since my dad isn't fluent in English, I need to translate for him during court, which is scary for just a teenager. When this is over, hopefully, I'll get the loneliness out of my system, and finally start having precious family time!

Sarah said...

Aww Winnie - I'm so sorry to hear about your family business closing and the troubles with the landlord. I have learned something really valuable in the past two years and it's that things will get better. No matter what. Change is scary and sometimes very difficult, but I truly believe that it makes us stronger and that you will all be happier for the experience!

Take care of yourself and best of luck in court!

Delia Singleton said...

Aww, that’s sad to know. Putting an end to something that you’ve invested on with too much dedication is not easy to do. But if it is starting to affect your life in a negative way, and you can't balance your everyday life because of it, then it truly was a good decision for you to quit and start anew.


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