Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Get out there and finish the run.

I'm a quitter by nature. Sometimes it's a liberating experience - like knowing when something isn't working and being willing to move on (Good!) but it can also be just an easy way out of a hard situation (Bad). 

Losing weight is tough. It's tough to rein in your diet or get your butt into a gym or out to walk. It's equally tough to not see hard results week after week. 

Maybe you gained, maybe you plateaued or maybe you just lost a little. Even if you are a positive person, it's easy to beat yourself up for not putting up the "big numbers" like they do on weight loss shows. It's also very easy to start backsliding - "What's a burger for lunch going to hurt? Why shouldn't I drink another margarita?" and so on in this fashion until BAM: you're back to where you started or worse. 

Don't punk out. Take it from this lady*. When some as*hole jumped out of the bushes and attacked her, she not only fought back, but she was also instrumental to putting him away for good. He also happened to be the same person that killed Chandra Levy.

If that wasn't enough, she returned to the scene of her attack 9 years later to finish her run. Because she wanted to finish what she started. While she ran, she thought of her kids, saying "If I had a family crest, I would make this the motto: We get back up, we finish the run!"

Finish what you start, keep going and don't get discouraged. We all have burdens to carry - whether they're light or heavy, like this brave woman - but we have the power in us to overcome them.

*hat tip to Christina who shared this on Facebook!


Lindy Stamper said...

hey, now that the weather is getting better, if you wanna have a partner to walk or whatever, buzz me. I have a hard time sticking to my exercise routine too... rather be doing something else... :P

Sarah said...

Thanks lady! Let's do this when the weather gets more spring-ish!

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