Monday, February 7, 2011

Weigh in Monday - 2/7/11

BAM - 1/2lb loss! I know that's not a huge, "holy shit how did they lose so much weight" kind of loss like on the Biggest Loser, but honestly, that's so much better. 1/2 a pound means that the things I have changed this week are working in a realistic way and it's showing on the scale. 

This week, eating mostly at home was the name of the game except for Saturday night's GIRL'S NIIIGGHHTT with Erin and Sunday night's Super Bowl of Friendship at the Novos. Also, I made it to both of my bootcamps and shook my butt at Nightclub Cardio (post coming up this week about NCC and it's awesomeness!). 

On most days, I had balanced, healthy meals and an appropriate amount of food. Other days I had a few "bad food" items, but enjoyed them and moved on - case in point: I ate the heck out of bacon wrapped dates on Sunday, as they are the official friendship food of our group, and didn't regret it one bit. That's what I like about Weight Watchers - flexibility. Even though the progress can be slow at times, I'm learning to live - and eat - in the world and that's something I can sustain long term.

This week's goal: eat 4 days out of 7 at home for all meals and make it to both bootcamps, NCC and add one 30 minute walk to the mix (weather permitting: otherwise, it will be a date with the elliptical at the gym).

Today's weight loss: .6 lbs
Total weight loss: 2.6

Pounds left to lose: 27.4

Today's weight loss: .4 lbs
Total weight loss: 2.4

Pounds left to lose: 27.6


Kerly Kerk said...

Woooo! I suffer from IGD - Instant Gratification Disorder. If I work hard all week on my nutrition & fitness, I want (errr.. NEED) to step on the scale Friday and have amazing results. BUT... those results tend to not show up on said scale for about 1-1.5 weeks afterwards. At that point, I've splurged and been lazy... then I'm like, "WHOA. I dropped two pounds on my chocolate and Netflix diet - Score!"

Sarah said...

YES! This happens to me too - what is up with that?!? I eat all kinds of crap, lose weight the next week and then gain for like 2 weeks - tracking really makes you notice your body's patterns like whoa!

blatze said...

That is EXACTLY what happens to me. I just had a brain explosion.

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