Saturday, March 19, 2011

Digital sabbatical - over! Yes I realize it never really started...

Ok, so things that I have learned while away from the internet:

1. I am not good at being away from the internet
2. Two weeks = 3 days
3. I love the internet

Internet, I just couldn't quit you. At first I thought being off the internet would be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience - that it would get me in touch with some part of myself that I lost touch with back before I became a constant Facebook and Twitter updater. Before you shed a tear for my sad, sad life, please know that I do go outside occasionally and don't Tweet when I eat a PBJ! Well not every time...

What I learned was that I really enjoy connecting with people on the internet and it has become a big part of my life in a very positive way. I've made new friends, grown in my relationships with people I already know in real life and I have learned a TON. Granted, some of this knowledge is in the LOLCat and Lamebook region, but I have also enriched my education in crafts, marketing and community building though my time spent online. Conclusion: my life is better with the internet in it. If Erin would have never convinced me to be on Facebook, my life would have been poorer in experience.

Also there's this, which is the best gift anyone has ever given me (or anyone else) ever. Ever in the history of time. So grateful for all the people in my life - I love you guys.

So fail on the digital sabbatical. A wise woman named Ruthie told me recently that when you have time off it's ok to jump ship on your well laid plans and I'm taking that to heart. March so far has been about exactly what it should be about - doing what I feel like doing when I feel like doing it. I'm usually such a planner and this month has helped me give up that control to gain something better: peace.

I'm going to use the rest of this month to enjoy the peace that random lunches at a food truck/bar with a friend, camping with my grandparents (gramping, as I call it), girl's night, rodeo-ing and crafting brings.

In April, it's on the the job hunt!


Ruthie said...

Happy flipping birthday!! :-)

Wouldn't it be sadder if, once you're back to the daily grind, you thought of your break from professional responsibility and realized you forced yourself to do things you didn't necessarily feel like? :-)

Also, thank you for calling me wise. I believe I just have a pretty good ability to see the big picture.

Sarah said...

It would be sadder - thanks for helping me find the joy of doing whatever, whenever. I feel like that philosophy needs a better name, though Joy of Doing Whatever, Whenever could be a bestseller... ;o)

Also, that totally makes you wise - you're like a tall, non-freaky looking girl Yoda.

blatze said...

You are good at many things, my friend - not being on the internet is not one of them. But it makes me sad when you are not there, so this is not really a fault :)

Sarah said...

I love you Erin.

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