Monday, May 16, 2011

Weigh in Monday - 5/16/11

Oh my gosh y'all - I can't count! Or at least, I can't take all information into consideration when making platitudes about my weight loss, etc. I screwed up on my metrics - again! 

Total weight loss so far - from August 2010, is 6.8 pounds. Not too shabby, but not the original 8.8 pounds I thought it was. I was down that far during March and early April, while having some stress issues, but now I'm back up a little bit. That's cool though - I'll bring it down one week at a time in a healthy way, instead of a "too stressed to eat" way!

Lost this week: 0.3lbs
Pounds lost so far: 6.8
Pounds left to lose: 23.2


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