Monday, January 16, 2012

Check in Monday - 1/16/12

Last week was a whirlwind, but I still managed to get some of my goals on track - how'd you do this week?

  • Walking/Working Out: walking was on like Donkey Kong this week; I walked 4 of 5 days! I made it to one yoga class, which was a bummer, but my goal this week is 2!
  • Eating at Home: We ate a home a decent amount this week, but ate out more then we wanted to because of some craziness. This week the awesomest friends ever made it possible to eat at home almost every meal, thanks to the fact that they cooked Ryan and I a week's worth of dinners! Thank you Erin and Christina!!*
  • Meditating: Just like last week, I whiffed it. Not one session on the cushion. I have signed up for a meditation class at the Houston Zen Center on Thursday evenings. I took this class in 2010 and really enjoyed it, now it's time for a refresher to get me back in the habit of sitting! 

*Note: Does not constitute a legit thank you. Real thank you coming soon!


~Donkeywrangler said...

You are not your mama's child. I have a PhD in "sitting"...and so does your sister.
However, neither of your grandmothers were "sitters"...
<3, Mama

Lindy Stamper said...

When are you walking? If you take company, I'd like to join you.

Amanda said...

Go you for meeting goals amongst whirlwind weeks - you're amazing! My goals during whirlwind weeks generally revolve around "stay upright after work" and "don't cry (too much)". And yay for Erin and Christina! There's nothing better than friends, closely followed by food you don't have to cook yourself.

My goals? I think I had them, I can't really remember - which means I'm probably not achieving them! Wait! I am currently for the moment kicking the sleep thing in the face! (not Nick in the face, for which he is very grateful).

Take care, thinking of you xx

AngelatheCreativeDiva said...

Hi Sarah. You don't know me. Yet anyway. Was that you I saw on an episode of Mirror Mirror this past weekend? I'm sure the taping took place a while ago, but when I saw your name come up regarding your insight on jeans, I said there could only be one Sarah G. Loved the show.

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