Monday, January 2, 2012

Weigh in Monday - 1/2/12

My first Weigh in Monday of the year is kind of a cheat - the last time I weighed in seriously was in October and thanks to the stress of having a critically ill dad, I lost a decent bit of weight since then. So instead of being like "I lost 8lbs MOFOS!" (see what I did there? BAM) I'm just going to start over with my goals at this new weight. 

  • Lose 5lbs by my birthday in March
  • Walk 4 days a week
  • Start workouts again (slowly! I pulled my back in November and have to watch it!)
  • Eat at home for 10 meals a week
  • Meditate 7 times a week
What are your "get healthy" goals for this year?


Anonymous said...

My resolution is to Stop Being Lazy and I have a bunch of different tiny steps to help me towards that goal. Health wise two that I can think of are learn to like vegetables (oh dear) and to go for walks. For me the walks aren't about getting in shape or losing weight, but getting off my sofa, away from my computer screens and moving. And thats a good thing because I'm very slow and can't walk very far. It will come with time.

Sarah said...

I am so with you on this - it's very easy to get sucked into the computer or the TV instead of getting out to walk. I'm more of a waddler than a walker, I like to ramble down streets and change direction on a whim. I have started to enjoy walking a lot - gives me time to think!

Full confession: I used to HATE vegetables! I would only eat potatoes or broccoli with cheese. Somehow I found some I liked and it's been easier ever since. Still hate cauliflower though - bleh!

Amanda said...

Those are some well thought out goals! My goal oriented self is very impressed :) I'm so inherently lazy... I think my goals will be start walking again (we had a lot of hot weather followed by a lot of rain and it doesn't take much for me to lose momentum!), find ways to de-stress (it's a mystery to me) and stay on top of this damn sleep thing. Oh, and I should probably start regular Pilates again. Probably. The physio says I have the core muscles of an 8 year old - encouraging! Let me know how you go with meditation - it's been suggested to me all my life but I've never been able to tolerate it. My brain is too busy (I know that's the whole point of meditation - to slow that all down but... my brain is seriously busy!) and those guided talky meditation things make me want to scream. Take care and be kind to yourself in every way possible xx

Sarah said...

Amanda!!! How are you girl? I am also lazy, so the goals can help me be less lazy sometimes - I usually go big and then work up to things (like I said "meditate 7 times a week!" and meditated less than one time this week - dah!) I took a mediation class a few years ago and loved it - it helped me slow down a lot; but I backslid, stopped sitting and need to find my way back. I have no idea what happens after you start meditating regularly, but things seem to fall into a good rhythm and become easier to manage. It's weird!

Pilates?!? That is so hard and so awesome! I have wanted to take that class big time! I also have a terrible core, hence the pulling a back muscle - my back was finally like "Enough! I hurt you now!"

I hope that your year has been awesome so far - how's your sewing coming along? Will I see you on the Sew Weekly?!?

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