Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stress Test: How Many Times Have You Wanted to Scream in the Past Week?

Adulthood sucks sometimes, y'all. The past year of my life has been so incredibly stressful that I'm both proud and surprised that I have survived it! I have taken to high fiveing myself whenever I think back to a hurdle I've cleared or how I've healthfully dealt with something difficult. While high fiveing yourself is good, meditating on it is better.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to help your body, mind and soul. It's free, simple and available to anyone who has even 10 minutes in their day to spare. I'm happy to say that I meditate almost daily and I hope you'll give it a shot too.

"What?" you say. "No way - I can't sit still!" Neither could I! Even though my *aspirational self wanted to be a meditator, my brain did not. I would attempt sitting - even once taking a 6-week Zen meditation class! - and then fidget my way into a tizzy. "I'm not built that way!" I'd tell myself and I'd give up.

Enter Headspace. Offering a simple, free 10-day program to help people learn to meditate via iPhone app, Headspace is perfect for those who lead busy lives, but want less busy minds. I tried the 10-day program - Take 10 - and found myself looking forward to each meditation. So much so that I started waking up early to do it - which if you know me personally, getting up early ranks somewhere behind hangnails in things I love.

I can honestly say that this program has changed my life for the better. After taking on the 10-day and the 15-day program, my mind is much quieter, my stress is more easy to cope with, and I just feel generally better. Give it a whirl if you can use some stillness in your life!

*you know, the part of you that wants to be amazing at cocktail parties "Yeah - I meditate and am on the kale and kindness diet. That's right - I'm great!"


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