Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rant Alert: Curves and the Art of Loving Yourself As You Are

I went to a great Pilates class yesterday and today more than just my muscles are sore. In this class, a few women were talking about a celebrity and her weight gain. We're talking about a woman who was probably still a size 2 - just not the size 0 total hardbody that she had been for years. One of the women had posted about this on Facebook and received some negative feedback. Another woman chimed in and - I kid you not - her answer was "Well - they are probably just mad that they don't even look as good as CELEBRITY NAME when she's fat. I mean - go to the gym! If you have time to post on Facebook, you have time to get to the gym."

Real talk, y'all: fuck that shit.

As someone who hasn't been a size 2 since early high school, it offends me personally when others think it's ok to judge the bodies of others so harshly. Do you know their life? No? Then shut yo mouf. People are made in all sizes and shapes - many of them healthier or unhealthier than their outward appearance would lead you to believe. Skinny doesn't always mean healthy, chubby doesn't always mean unhealthy. And while we are on this subject, I have known some very naturally thin folks in my life and they don't like the "OMG eat something!!" judgment either. Tolerance isn't only for the curvy.

Should people eat healthfully and exercise no matter what their size or shape? Absolutely! The quickest way to feel great is to eat lots of veggies, lean proteins and fruit while moving your body on the daily. Some folks, no matter what they do or how consistently they do it, will never be a hardbody and that's ok! Your body is the greatest tool you will ever have and it's up to you to use it in a way that serves you best - not try to shape it into something that offends some stranger's eyes less when you wear shorts.

It's not right for me to tell you how you need to look. I should be able to relate to you as a person or that's my bad. And guess what? Tearing apart celebrity bodies in front of others, makes others feel bad about their regular person body. If your thought after reading that last sentence is "Well do something about it - go to the damn gym!" then go reread the above paragraph. I'll wait.

If you do one thing this week - just one! - as a good deed, do this: watch your criticism of other people's bodies. Just take a deep breath before you throw it out there - even when brunching with friends and "that lady who is totally wearing a Forever 21 romper and should absolutely not be" is all up in your face. Think about that lady - maybe she just lost 50 pounds and this is the first time she's worn shorts in 5 years. Maybe she's needing to feel sexy after her divorce and her girlfriend talked her into it. Think on that with your deep breath and then decide if it's worth tearing her down. I'm not innocent of this behavior either, but watching those thoughts come up again and again without acting on them has changed my perception. I guarantee it will change yours too.

In summary: rock what you got and don't be so dang mean about other people's bodies. They're trying as hard as they can - let's give all of us a break and just be kind.

Rant over. I used to never be this fired up about this issue, but as I get older and see how miraculous it is to have a fully functioning human body at my disposal, the less I'm ok with being mean and judgmental toward the bodies of others. Even celebrities. Their relationships and baby names are fair game though*. North West what the fuck!?!

PS: I will still regular this Pilates class and get my own curvy body strong - their judgement be damned!

*Just kidding. 

Top Photo via Pinterest of super awesome style blogger Girl With Curves


~Donkeywrangler said...

Yo Mama.

Apple. (Hope she marries some guy with the last name of "Pi".)

Mo said...

Rock on sister! Let's go bike riding soon and get some jiggle on!

TextileQueen said...

It always amazes me that people are less likely to make positive coments about how others look. Would,nt it be nice to see a stranger and say "wow you look lovely in that.."

Sarah said...

I totally agree Textile Queen! It's sad because it seems the human mind is wired to see flaws instead of beauty sometimes.

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