Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week 1 of Bootcamp - Fun Times Accomplished!

After a week of bootcamp (2 sessions plus the regular personal training session) I can say that's it's working. Something about the consistency of working out is helping me keep my eating in check and making me feel trim (looser pants? Yes please.) I'm sore, but not "OH MAH GAWD" sore. 

Each day of bootcamp was varied and split into several circuits you never knew what was coming next. We were constantly moving around and honestly the time passed faster than I thought it would. I need this kind of thing - I get way bored with doing the same thing every session and this variety helps keep me motivated.

After I get this schedule down I'm going to start back at Nightclub Cardio and might try Zumba - on eof my best friends, Alla, does it and really enjoys it and JessB commented on the last post that her sister, who had recently lost weight, did Zumba. Perhaps it will help me dance like this baby, who is totally killin it.

What do you do to exercise and how do you make it part of your life? 


Anonymous said...

I swim. I have been swimming for about 5 weeks consistently now and can swim a mile or more each time in the pool. I love it! I haven't seen much change in how my clothes feel but I'm also starting with a trainer next week. Would have been this week but I was deathly sick. Hope to be a bit less of me going to Portland next month :)

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