Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bootcamping it up!

I was worried today that Mandy was going to kill me. Up until today, I have done one 30-minute session each week (excluding Christmas and New Years, etc.). Today was the start of the one hour bootcamp. 

One. Whole. Hour. I have to come in for a whole hour and work out for one whole hour?! I mean - come on!

I'm not saying that it was easy - Mandy, don't read this as it was easy and make me do intense stuff on Thursday - but it was a whole lot of fun. I feel good and my body wanted the exercise so bad after all that holiday resting. 

Being my first real bootcamp, I have no idea what to expect! Have you ever taken a bootcamp before? If so, what did you learn that will help you with your fitness goals?


blatze said...

"my body wanted the exercise so bad..."

i have *literally* never had this feeling.

Lora said...

haha, LOVED the "Come on" clip!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't ever had the guts to participate in a bootcamp, but I have used a personal trainer. At one point, I would work out (read sweat and cry) for an hour then come home and sleep for three. I greatly admire your commitment and may even head to the gym tonight.

Sarah said...

Thanks PunkRizz! I hope my commitment stays strong because I have been active before and totally fell off the wagon (got on the wagon? This wagon is confusing. Basically I suck at sticking to stuff!) This blog is a way to keep me honest - if I have to tell the world (4 people that read this!), I'm accountable!

Lora - I love Gob. And Jimmy!

Erin - lies! You are good at skiing and thus your body likes some type of exercise!

Ruthie said...

Yay! Can't wait to see how tomorrow treats you!

When I walk (haha walking is not exactly getting my butt kicked, but still!) for one hour, I always feel like after 30 minutes I hit a happy place, where the rest won't be a chronic fight with myself, but instead a ride on the easy train.

Anonymous said...

I'm so not motivated that I only walked round the estate once instead of three times this week. You are so motivated, you even got yourself a personal trainer! That's commitment! You go girl!

Sarah said...

Ruthie - I have used your walking/Angela Landsbury comment like 50 times over the holidays. I love walking!

Adey - once is still a lot! You also go girl - walk that estate!

jessB said...

Hi Sarah - I've come to your blog via sewweekly.

Good for you for signing up for bootcamp! I'm sure you will enjoy it and it might be the start of a new habit. I've done a couple of bootcamp sessions and they've always been a lot of fun. When I first start my muscles absolutely ache for the two days after the workout. But it's a great ache! Eventually your body get used to it. My younger sister recently lost a lot of weight and she did it by realising how much she enjoyed zumba classes and then other gym classes.

Good luck! I know you'll reach your weight loss goal and you'll feel so proud at the end.

Sarah said...

Thanks Jess! I'm so glad to hear from someone who has taken a bootcamp before - it seems like such a great way to get/stay in shape especially for people who are a little ADD like me (it changes each session which keeps me on my toes!) I have never tried Zumba but it's on the list!

Congratulations to your sister!!

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