Monday, January 31, 2011

Weigh in Monday - 1/31/11

I'm not even going to post a photo of my tracker because I didn't track for even a single day last week. Not one doggone day.

I fell off the wagon this past week. HARD. I didn't eat a single meal at home, only went to one session of bootcamp and drank like an Irishman on more than one night. In summation: last week = mega fail. The only thing I could have done worse last week was to start smoking again (I quit at 21)!

Since I announced my business was closing, I have been indulging in all of my less-than-stellar coping mechanisms. And I feel terrible.

Not in the "I'm going to beat myself up about this" way, I feel physically bad. I'm tired, dehydrated and mentally drained. 

Alanna, the super-trooper, total bad ass chick that has kept me sane for the past two years, and I were put through the ringer Friday and Saturday, working from open to close during Sew Crafty's mega sale. Friday night I was struck down with either mild food poisoning or stress pukes (lovely right? :o) and Saturday's lunch was a McDonald's hamburger eaten while standing at the desk and checking someone out. Except for a best friend's 30th birthday party (which was Mad Men themed, so damn cute and everyone was adorably dressed up!), I didn't see or talk to friends, and even that wonderful time was cut short by the reemergence of my upset stomach on Saturday night. In a word: this weekend sucked.

Why is it that when we need to be taking care of ourselves physically to meet the world's demands, we start punishing our body with bad food and other poisons? Yeah I went there - I never realized how much my body hates fast food, fatty, greasy food and excess alcohol until this week. It's poison people!

Down to brass tacks: All of this led to a decently big gain, but I'm not surprised at all. This week I'm back on the wagon and ready to feel good again. 

Today I went to my meeting and heard something that I won't forget: the leader had an egg in a baggie and was walking to the podium when she dropped it. "Whoops! I broke an egg!" she said, while pulling out a whole carton of eggs. "I guess I better break the whole carton, right?" and flung all the eggs in the air (they were Easter eggs at this point)*. 

Just because you break an egg, doesn't mean you have to break the whole carton. Don't let a weight loss or life setback stop you from living the life you want. I'm not. This week it's back to eating right, working on my fitness and relaxing in healthy ways!

Today's weight loss gain: 1.2 lbs
Total weight loss: 2.0

Pounds left to lose: 28

*I said eggs like 10,000 times in that paragraph - neat!


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