Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January Resolution Recap!

I'm a huge fan of measuring success in touchy feely terms (i.e. no hard facts to back up anything I say). I would love to say that I'm a serious, quantifiable result type gal, but alas - I'm not!

There is definitely a place in the world for metrics (how could you know how far you've gone without knowing how many feet there all in a mile?), but when you're dealing with resolutions it's personal.

Here's my "touchy feely" January Resolution Recap:

  • Fitness was a win - all month I have missed only 1 workout and really felt it. I think my body is loving the exercise and I'm really enjoying bootcamp!
  • Pants - they're noticeably looser! Even a tight fitness shirt that has not fit in a year, fits. 
  • Sewing - I have 4 brand new outfits that I have sewn myself, thanks to the Sew Weekly Challenge!
  • Meditating - nope. Didn't do it yet. March will be meditation month!
  • Vegetarian - still can't spell it. Did eat a few great vegetarian meals this month and will get some more in there next month!
So there it is - January in a nutshell; On to February!


Kerly Kerk said...

Good for you! I've always considered the pants test more accurate than the scale test. Keep at it!

Sarah said...

I totally agree - the scale fluctuates, but the pants don't lie!

emileerosedesigns said...

Good job!

If you ever need a biking/ running buddy let me know! I'm just down the street.

Sarah said...

Heck yes Emily - we need to hook this up when the weather isn't so poopy!

blatze said...

Yay, Sarah! I think you have plenty of metrics in there - you know you missed only one workout, you how you feel - and it's all good!

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