Friday, April 1, 2011


I'm a quitter. I quit my awesome internship at Schipul. I lasted two days.

The work was really interesting and the people were incredible, but at this point in my life I know myself very well and know when something isn't the right fit for me.

After running Sew Crafty for 3 years and internalizing a ton of stress at the cost of my relationships, body and general well being, I know now that I need to find something where stress isn't a big factor. Recovering addicts call this a "get well" job - something that doesn't involve a ton of stress/responsibility, but does give you the opportunity to feel good about a hard day's work. These are things I wish I would have found out before I committed to the job.

I will absolutely continue to be a HUGE fan of Schipul. After a peek behind the curtain, I can tell you three things:
  1. Schipul clients are incredibly lucky. Those people work very, very hard for their clients. They care - and they care a lot. Every client - from small to large - gets the love and attention they deserve. I'm not surprised that this company is so successful. 
  2. The people are total bad asses. Every person I met or worked with was incredibly smart, talented and warm - Schipul has the best people on their team. And those MOFOs work hard. On top of being hard workers, they're also funny, weird and help the heck out of anyone who has a question. 
  3. Ed Schipul is a genius. I'm not throwing this term out lightly - the man knows his stuff backwards and forwards. Being in a meeting or a training with him is like getting hit by a freight train (in a good way). I only spent two days there and he managed to knock the BS out of my brain/give me a web marketing superpower. In two days folks. 
Time will tell if I will regret this decision, but I feel lucky to have a strong enough sense of myself to know when to fold 'em and walk away. I'm richer for the experience, no matter how short.

We only get one life and after spending three difficult years putting myself through the ringer, I need a break.


JJ said...


It was an absolute pleasure to get to work with you... even if only for 2 days. Your spark is un-miss-able and I look forward to seeing where you share it next.

Bright Blessings on your journey.

Love & Light,

~ JJ

t said...

HUGS and Giraffes!!


Erin said...

If it feels right, then it was the right decision. I have a friend who quit her job as a government agent last year for the same reason. It was stressful & just wasn't a good fit for her like she thought it would be. She now works at Sprinkles Cupcakes & couldn't be happier. Good luck to you in whatever you decide to do. Big hugs!

~Donkeywrangler said...

Mama loves you, Sarah, and I couldn't be prouder of you!

the amplified bard said...

it was great working with you. best of luck. hope to see you around.

Betty Humphrey said...

Gabby said...

You were the first "light of our lives" and we know what decision was the best for you at this time. You never did "mess around" with making the right choice through many chances to "take the path of least resistance."

Sarah said...

Thanks guys - it means a whole lot to have support making decisions like this!

Tabby, Radames, LL - you guys are awesome. Thank you for your kindness and you help this week - I can't say enough good things about the Schipulites!

happykatie said...

Much, much love to you sweet Sarah. I can't say that I won't miss the idea of you being a few offices away like crazy -- but anything that makes The Sarah happy makes happykatie happy too :)

Sarah said...

Awww!! Thanks Katie!! I will be bummed to not see you every day - but this gives us a great excuse to go to Agora more often!

Also, fail - I typed LL before and meant JJ - I will now think of JJ as LL Cool JJ.

Amanda said...

Making the decision to look after yourself doesn't make you a quitter, it makes you an incredibly self-aware and sensible woman. I can relate to your experience of the past three years and you've given me something to ponder :) I hope you enjoy the journey of finding that new thing you love to do. Most of all, take care xx

Sarah said...

Thanks Amanda! That really means a lot - it's hard to know which way is up sometimes and it feels good to know that other people have the same challenges/don't think you're a gigant idiot for freaking out!

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