Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weigh in Whatday?

You may have noticed the lack of the promised Weigh in Monday this week - I haven't been able to make it to Weight Watchers. My mom is out of the country and my dad is sick, so I'm barely even able to get to my house this week, much less a WW meeting. I miss my house y'all. 

Hopefully I can get to a meeting next week, but I highly doubt it. So I'm just going to call April a wash on Weigh in Monday and WW. I'm going to keep eating well, keep walking and hopefully get in for a freaking workout this week (I have not been in to see Mandy since mid-March which hurts - I loved my bootcamp and wish I could be back in it). 

I can't wait until this God-forsaken month is over!


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