Monday, May 2, 2011

Weigh in Monday - 5/2/11

I'm back y'all!

It's been a rough two weeks - my dad has been sick, my sister and I were caring for him while my mom was out of town, he got worse, ended up in the hospital (for fluids and rest - he's a bit better now, thank goodness), I sprained my ankle (while visiting dad in the hospital!) and scraped up the same leg on a metal spike at the circus. Thank goodness for my mom, sister, Ryan, Alla and Erin or I would be a crazy person by now. I'm holding out hope that May will be much better than April. Come on MAY!

In April, I missed all the meetings I intended to go to and all my fitness bootcamps. It's a bummer - especially about the bootcamps. I LOVED every workout with Mandy and hope to get back in soon - you know, after my sprained ankle heals. Seriously, WTF sprained ankle?

Because of all this craziness, my #1 goal got pushed to the back burner and my health/fitness took a backseat. I chose to think of this month as a period of personal reflection instead of a month long cheeseburger/slack fest!

I have used this time to look back at my weight loss journey and have found out something exciting - I have lost almost 10 pounds since this time last year. Before I joined WW in November, I lost 4 pounds and have since lost another 5 (somehow, I was good this past month even though I wasn't tracking!) YESS!

After having a month to reflect and thinking about what I want in my life, I decided that some changes need to happen to my plan. In order to reach your goals, you have to make them attainable. 

Sometimes this means backing off the "I'm going to look like Brooklyn Decker in a bikini!" goal when you're 5'3 and pear shaped, but sometimes this means simply removing obstacles that hinder your success. My obstacle is physically getting to the meetings. I will now be doing my WW online and weighing in at home. 

I will still track and follow my program, but in order to make myself accountable again I will take that part of my life and make it much, much easier. Gone are the days of "Couldn't get to a meeting - no weigh in!" Now I just have to walk in to my bathroom and step up!

I have ordered a WW scale to make it more "official" and will be posting the first week of results next Monday - stay tuned!

PS: Longest. Blog post. Ever. I am verbose today!


Amanda said...

Congratulations - 10 pounds is incredible! I'm glad your dad is doing better, I hope you're looking after yourself too (who knew the circus was so dangerous! Memo to my clumsy self: Legs and metal spikes will never be friends. Don't try and introduce them, it won't end well). I think a month of personal reflection is a fantastic use of time (and everyone knows cheeseburgers enhance personal reflection). I have a glass of wine in my hand so cheers to Sarah's Magnificent May (personally, I'll still be keeping an eye out for unicorns). Verbosity. Looks like it's contagious. Add that to Wikipedia.

Sarah said...

YES! Unicorns, verbosity and clumsiness FTW! I wish we lived closer so we could toast together to a Magnificent May for all! Next time I'm in Australia we have to hang out!

Amanda said...

Oh, I wish South Australia and Texas were closer! Long distance toasts aren't as good as in person toasts (even if I do get to drink the extra glass in long distance toasts!). We could compare notes on clumsiness (I once had bruises from smacking my face on my own office divider) and the all-round excellence of the canine species (just so you know, after much debate and consumption of alcohol, I would be willing to concede the superiority of the Tex specimen in particular. You can't beat a dog that can type).

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