Monday, June 6, 2011

Weigh in Monday - 6/6/11

All abord the gain train! This week, thanks to the weekend of awesome that I had on Memorial Day weekend, was all about gaining like 5 pounds. I knew I would have a gain this week, but I just didn't expect it to be that big - I tracked all week, ate healthy meals and home and did all my scheduled workouts. Thank goodness I didn't step on the scale last week or I would have fainted!

This makes me think of the weight-loss Bermuda Triangle that is vacation gain. Every time I go on a vacation - no matter how long or short - I gain. Sometimes it makes perfect sense - "Why yes I did have bacon with each meal" or "I was on the 12 cupcake a day tour of the East Coast!" Other times, like when I eat well, walk a ton and even hit the hotel gym, it's a mystery! This time was not a surprise - I'm told by many of my co-vacationers on this trip they gained too. I'm officially changing the name of this trip from Ranchcation to Weightgaincation 2011! 

So I'm almost back to square one as far as weight loss is concerned - I say almost because I feel great, have more muscles and better habits in general, but numbers wise I would have been kicked off the Biggest Loser this week for sure. One thing that's certain - you can't out train a bad diet people. Remember this next time you go on a food bender and think "I'll hit the gym later and be fine!" 

Lost gained this week: 4.8 lbs <=== daaayyymmmn!
Pounds lost so far: 1.8
Pounds left to lose: 28.20


Amanda said...

Your weekend sounds so awesome I'd be tempted to make it an annual event, weight gain be damned. There's also the positive re-frame: muscle weighs more than fat; wine tastes better than water; great friends, great times, greatly worth it. I like to think that reading your blog is my gradual warm up to the concept of regular fitness and exercise (I'll warm up to the concept then move onto the execution of the concept). Until that time, I will be content with the fact that a geriatric gerbil could probably beat me in an arm wrestle.

Sarah said...

ARG! I am not getting the notifications when people comment anymore! So sorry again for the response delay!

I am so with you on this being an annual event - we had so much fun and honestly, don't care that I gained as much as I thought I would. I always read the happy weight loss stories that seem to leave the weight loser "Happily Ever Skinny" but in real life, it's always going to be a battle. I will lose, I will gain. As long as I'm overall a healthy person and eating decent food most of the time, I can deal with some extra jiggle here and there :O)

About exercise, it has taken me forever to come around to it, but I have to say it's a lot of fun now. I feel strong for the first time in a long time and it's evened out my moods, my disposition and made me feel better in general!

Gerbil arm wrestling - HAHAHAHAHA! That is awesome. I bet you could make that a sport and be the grand dame of Gerbil Wrestling!

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