Monday, August 1, 2011

Weigh in Monday and lots of changes!

A whole week back on track and I feel good! Not great, I have bronchitis for some reason which suckety-suck-suck-sucks, but I am feeling the effects of limiting caffeine, eating less meat and sleeping well. 

If you are visiting this blog on the actual site, you may notice that it looks a lot different and that there are crazy things everywhere - I'm in the process of updating this blog to be more awesome! Please excuse the mess, the broken links and weird stock photos.

Another thing that's changing - I'm adjusting my goals based on my, well, adjusted goals. I want to be healthy. What started as a quest for looser pants and less thigh dimples has turned into a journey to complete health - physically, mentally and spiritually (stay with my folks, we're only at "Hippie Alert" level 2 - no bongos will be played or Birkenstocks worn!)

So here's the deal:

  • Goals will be monthly - example, I would like to lose 5 pounds in August. 
  • Each month I will focus on a new habit to bust
  • I will be adding some craft tutorials, recipes and other cool stuff!
Annnnndddd now to the accountability part of this exercise:

Weigh in Monday Stats
Pounds lost this week: 1.2 
Left to lose: 3.8 
Goal deadline countdown: 31 days (Sept 1)


Anonymous said...

Love the new design, lookin' all purdy :) I'm with you on the weight loss - back on track and feeling good (minus the bronchitis, boo hiss for that).

My 2 cents - instead of busting a new habit, maybe you work on creating a new good habit? Mostly semantics -- but for me it's always easier to move towards something than away from something. And now I sound like Ed.

Welcome to HippieLand :)

Sarah said...

HAPPY KATIE! Did you love bootcamp? Are you sore already? I love Mandy and hope to be joining you guys soon!

I totally agree - I want to do an out with the bad, in with the good sort of thing with the new habits. Like a "here's a good habit I'm replacing this bad habit with' - does that make sense? Ed is pretty damn wise - there are worse people to sound like, though you are no slouch in the wisdom department either (you are like a tiny redheaded sage!)

Anonymous said...

Good for you ladies! Sorry you had bronchitis! I too am just recovering from it so I totally feel your pain. Its back to exercise this weekend now that I can breathe again. :) LOVE THE NEW LOOK OF THE SITE. I NEED TO BLOG MORE!

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