Monday, September 19, 2011

Weigh in Monday - 9/19/11

Hello friends! I hope your summer is coming to a lovely end - here in Texas, we have had two glorious days of rain, so yay September! 

It's about midway through the month and I'm surprised to be on track for my goals - huzzah!

Goal: 5 lbs by end of September
Weight loss: 1
Left to lose before deadline (Sept 30): 1.2
Habit swap (veggies for fried foods) - still on track, but barely - I have had some run ins with french fries...
Walking: still once a week, but have added in another fitness class (details to come!)


Amanda said...

Dodge those french fries sister, they're devil fingers! Yay for Texas rain, heres hoping there's a concurrent drop in humidity. It's supposed to be spring here but you wouldn't really know. And yay for you and your super powered exercise capabilities! Here's to the end of the week!

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