Monday, September 12, 2011

Weigh in Monday - 9/12/11

Hello hello peoples! I'm feeling pretty good after today's weigh in - especially after the week of stuffing-tha-face known as Ranchcation on Labor Day weekend. I weighed in last week to get a baseline - up about 2 pounds - and then this week to see what small diet tweaks could do. They make a difference yo!

Goal: 5 lbs by end of September
Weight loss: 2.8

Left to lose before deadline (Sept 30): 2.2
Habit swap (veggies for fried foods) - on track!
once a week currently


Amanda said...

International side-line cheer squad says, "Yeah! Go you!" You're an inspiration to someone like me who is currently slothing it up on the couch with a glass of wine.

I'm still a little hazy on the Ranchcation concept (I'm pretty certain we don't have ranches here in Adelaide. We have a giant rocking horse, bronze pig statues and the mall has huge metal balls [true story], but no ranch). It sounds awesome though and if it involves copious amounts of face-food-stuffing, definitely a vacation I could get behind.

I'm so proud of you and your sticking with it power, what amazing results! Good luck with the rest of September xx

Oh. and my first thought when I saw the photo of the girl standing on the scales was that she was standing next to a giant cocktail. I think it's time for me to stop the drinking...

Sarah said...

LOL! I wish she was standing next to a giant cocktail, as that would be a more accurate representation of the ranchcation concept! Giant metal balls? Why the what? Is it art?

Thank you lady - your support means the world to me!

Amanda said...

Oh, believe it baby.... I think it's art but it spends most of its life keeping drunk people transfixed to their distorted reflection as they move their faces closer and further away from the shiny metal. We're all class here in Adelaide.

Sarah said...

WHOA! That's awesome! Hee hee hee - drunk people are entertaining! I have seen more than one drunky try to A) fight or B) climb that giant armadillo from a post earlier this year. Keep it classy Houston!

Amanda said...

Wow, I want to get on a plane, grab a beer and challenge that giant armadillo to a duel. I could bring the Adelaide bogan to Houston - double the classy action! They don't serve alcohol near the giant rocking horse (probably a good thing given the height from the ground. Oh yeah, you can climb it) so I don't think it's ever been under threat from a drunk local.

I remember visiting Adelaide when I was little (we lived 4.5hrs drive away) and being completely confused by the Mall's Balls. For longer than I care to acknowledge I was convinced that someone felt bad that we didn't get snow in Adelaide and so decided to make a snowman sculpture but then screwed it up because it only had two balls (and every picture book I'd seen showed snowmen with three ball layers). I used to try and imagine it with a top had and a carrot nose. Oh.... I wish that story wasn't true.

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