Monday, October 3, 2011

Weigh in Monday - 10/3/11

Oh snap y'all! After 6 days of tracking like a mad woman, I have lost 2 lbs! TWO! 

My Fitness Pal makes it pretty easy - I was shocked that the barcode scanner on the iPhone app has worked for literally everything I have scanned, save for a tin of Danish cookies bought at a fundraiser. I am sort of amazed with how counting actual calories is such a motivator - seeing calories go in and calories go out through exercise on my tracker make me a lot more aware of what I'm eating and how much. Way more than the points system has for a long while.

October Goal check:
  • Weight lost: 2.2lbs so far
  • Left to lose: 2.8lbs
  • Still getting up at 7? Today it was 7:40, but was up at 7 both Thursday and Friday, 8 on Saturday and 8:30 on Sunday - so much earlier than before! Focusing on hitting 7 every other day this week!
  • Walking? YES! Ryan and I have been taking family walks in the evenings and I will be walking on Wednesday and Friday morning this week before work. Tuesday and Thursday are bootcamp days!
Hope you are all having the best Monday ever - how are you doing on your October goals so far?


Ruthie said...

See? It works. You know it works :) Just a matter of sticking to it until it sticks to u!!!!

you go girl!

Sarah said...

Heck yes! I should have come around to the gospel this time last year when you were telling me about Spark People - I always have to learn the hard way!

PS Love the Veggie Betty recipes - you are making me crave vegetables!

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