Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Check in

Remember how I mentioned I had gained in the last post? Yeah - that happened. I gained back my loss for the month in one weekend y'all. Hence the "1st place in a pie eating contest!" ribbon below. I was trying to eat my way through all the donuts, pizzas and sandwiches in Houston last weekend!

Weight loss is difficult sometimes - I see so many success stories out there for people who live moderate lifestyles and have occasional indulgences, but not a whole lot about the times when they gain and are somewhat demoralized. It would be awesome if each week was a loss and cupcakes were a diet food, but the reality is that any life change is difficult and weight loss programs take time, effort and faith.

Thankfully, I'm not knocked down easily (study legs - heh!) and I took this setback as a challenge to up my game - a lot. It's important to both strategize your weigh loss program and also commit to making actual changes. This month, October, will be a new start and a chance to change my behaviors by making some important changes.

I mentioned them yesterday, but here are my goals for October: 
  • Lose 5lbs by Halloween
  • Track every meal and every exercise event
  • Walk in the mornings
  • Wake up at 7

These changes are somewhat small, but they have a lot of impact. Waking up at 7 helps me take time to walk in the morning or cook a healthy breakfast and get centered for the day. Tracking makes me aware of my food choices and exercies in a concrete way - calories in vs. calories out. Losing 5lbs is manageable for a month of conscientiousness! See? Simple things add up and I'm excited for what this month holds! 

Photo via Flickr user Tedly Films!


~Donkeywrangler said...

go, sarah! shake yore booty!

Elizabeth said...

ah honey, i've been eating incredibly well (i always eat pretty well, choice wise, but tend to eat too much of good things!) and started exercising again (foot injury took me out for the last 2.5 years, other than dog walking 45 min/day), and i swear to GOD and all that is holy, i didn't see a single good change for MONTHS. just this last week, i have possibly noticed a few good changes. it is demoralizing. but you can do it! just keep moving...

Sarah said...

Thank you so much for sharing that Elizabeth - I felt like "Is it just me? Am I the only one who doesn't lose weight when actually trying?!?!" I have been tracking for 5 days pretty consistently and finding that - whoops - some of my "healthy" foods were not so much. DAH! Thank goodness for tracking - I would have never known!

Yay for your results!! That's awesome that you are seeing changes - can't wait to join you!

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